The Tetley’s 2015 Artist’s Commission

2015, dimensions variable, Tetleys Original Bitter, oil paint

The Tetley’s 2015 Artist’s Commission
The Tetley’s 2015 Artist’s Commission
The Tetley’s 2015 Artist’s Commission
The Tetley’s 2015 Artist’s Commission
The Tetley’s 2015 Artist’s Commission

For an invitation to propose an artists range of Tetley ephemera (drip mats, bar runners, pump clips etc) that would focus on the former brewery’s extensive history and heritage, I made marbled paper using a bath of ale (rather than the usual water) and a selection of bright oil based paints that produced an incongruous backdrop for the logos provided.

With this simple gesture I wanted to challenge the brief by asking what if Tetley didn’t have a history? What if it forgot the 193 years gone? And what if it had another side to its personality which had otherwise been suppressed by successive series of brand guidelines?

Knowing how internalised biographical narratives can become a trap, and conscious of the way in which back-stories had been appropriated by marketeers I wanted to give Tetley a new start.

The proposal was successful and selected by a panel of judges but its roll out was later vetoed by senior members of the parent company Carlsberg.


Arend Nijkamp, Mondriaan Fonds, Peter Paul Peterich Fonds, Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten

Alex Farrar
Born 1986 in Leeds, United Kingdom
☞ 16.2.19 – 7.4.19 [solo exhibition] Ecstatic, darkling with lofty, fumble/ Reverie, angst, bumble and grumble/ Lucid, limned with Rubin’s cornice and fifteen-odd semblable stumps, Dürst Britt & Mayhew, The Hague
☞ 5.3.19 – 1.4.19 [group exhibition] Double Negative, @ChaShaMa, NYC, New York, curated by Darling Green
☞ 11.9.18 – 14.3.19 [guest artist-teacher] Fine Art Department, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague
☝︎ 1.5.17 – 1.5.19 For two years my work is generously supported by a grant for established artists from the Mondriaan Fund
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