the ‘suits’ archived

2016, 01:44:59, 1 channel HD digital video, sound


the ‘suits’ archived shares the conclusion of a project that began in 2007 when without any prior experience or technical advice, I made a suit from scratch to wear whenever representing myself as an artist. In 2009, marking the end of my studies in Leeds a replacement ‘suit’ was produced, and with the repetition of labour, the new iteration improved on the initial attempt and suggested a course for the rest of the project: the work would end once a suit was made that was indistinguishable from a professionally crafted example.

Following replacements made in 2011, 2013 and 2014, a suit was produced in 2016 that was indistinct from a professionally made example and the previous attempts were archived by textiles conservators from the University of Amsterdam. The above film is part of an installation and shown alongside the archived ‘suits’ and the concrete ‘cast offs’.


Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, Mondriaan Fonds, Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds, Emmy de Groot, Marijke de Bruyne, Sjoukje Telleman, Seeltje van Boeckel

Alex Farrar
Born 1986 in Leeds, United Kingdom
29.3.18 – 2.4.18 Unfair at Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
22 - 26.2.18 Christie’s Fundraiser Auction for Unfair 2018 at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
21 – 25.2.18 Arco Madrid with Dürst Britt & Mayhew
16.2.18 – 24.3.18 ‘Body Building’ group exhibition at Dürst Britt & Mayhew, The Hague
7 – 21.12.17 ‘Places of Ruin Part III Beyond Thunderdome’ group exhibition at NEST, The Hague
John Cleese on Creativity featured in Fay Asselbergs’ The Extended Colophon
20.10.17 ‘Distant Constellations’ group exhibition at The Great Medical Disaster, Manchester
6 – 10.10.17 ‘Staging the inhabitable’ group exhibition at Cultureel Centrum het Fijnhout, Jacob van Lennepkade 334, Amsterdam
1.5.17 – 1.5.19 Kindly supported by the Mondriaan Fonds Stipendium for Established Artists
18 – 21.5.17 Arco Lisboa with Dürst Britt & Mayhew
6 – 9.2.17 Guest lecturing for the Autonomous Fine Arts department of the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.
3.1.17 the ‘suits’ archived book will be distributed by Idea Books and is available now via their website and associated bookshops.
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Dürst Britt & Mayhew
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