Code Duello (draft)
Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley, 2012
annotated manuscripts
29.7 × 21cm [60 pages]

In 2012 whilst on a residency at Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn (NL) Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley conducted a duel with artworks. Guided by a found duelling rule book, the artists sealed themselves inside the purpose built Render Room, and took it in turns to call out an artwork, or in some cases, progression of artworks in retaliation to each of their attempts to finish the fight and silence the opposition. From this confrontation came 50 conceptually complete works (25 each).

10 June – 1 July 2012

Eyes On The Prize

Hotel Maria Kapel
Hoorn, The Netherlands

Alex Farrar
Kasper Jacobs
Harry Meadley
Bas Schevers
Yarre Stooker

Curated by
Bas Hendrikx


Render Room
Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley, 2012
custom flight case with gridded interior
260 × 480 × 207.5cm