Code Duello (campaign concept)
Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley, 2013
laser-jet proof prints for advertising campaign proposed for fifty sites in Amsterdam
223 × 318cm

In 2013 Josh Whitaker invited Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley to participate in the exhibition Wu Tang – Killa Beez. The premise of the exhibition, based on a conceptual logic derived from Wu Tang Clan's first record deal in which a clause was included that would allow every member of Wu Tang to record solo albums with other record companies, was that all work within the exhibition is collaborative but the artists included primarily have 'solo' practices, and, that all artists are listed on posters, press and publications but artists names are not included next to the titles of their work. What was presented was a set of fifty A3 proof prints for a planned advertising compaign, where each poster listed one of the fifty works from the duel, to take place in Amsterdam in the lead up to the Code Duello exhibition. As such, this acted as the first official announcement of the exhibition, and had the artists names visible in the work itself.


4 – 14 December 2013

Wu Tang – Killa Beez

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Leeds, United Kingdom

Majed Aslam
Simeon Barclay
Chris Barr
Black Argos
Simon Boase
Bam Brooks
Joseph Buckley
Steve Carrick
Isaac Clarke
Philip Coyne
Matthew Crawley
Tom Esam
Alex Farrar
Ryan Gander
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Chris Newlove Horton
Alex Jackson
Perce Jerrom
Sean Kaye
Daisy Kennedy,
Joseph Lewis
Francis Lloyd-Jones
Lindsay McMillan
Max Mead
Harry Meadley
Jonathan Monk
John Henry Newton
Hardeep Pandhal
Paul Rooney
Roland Ross
Benjamin Slinger
Iona Smith
David Steans
Matt Welch
Jenny West
Josh Whitaker
Christopher Wool

Produced by
Josh Whitaker