Code Duello (book)
Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley, 2013
offset print on 250, 135, 90 and 80gsm paper
23.4 × 15.8 × 1.8cm [264 pages + gatefold cover]


In 2013 Johannes Breyer agreed to corroborate these events with a publication that would re-imagine the duel from several perspectives. To that aim the works were examined in sequence, an account of the artist's experience was transcribed and supported with an appendix of images, and Rudi Fuchs proposed a precedent in Raphael and Sebastiano del Piombo's paintings for Narbonne Cathedral. This publication preceded the actualisation of the duel which was given its exhibition in 2014.

Johannes Breyer, Alex Farrar, Harry Meadley

Graphic Design
Johannes Breyer

Unica Light (left side), Univers 45 (right side)
Adobe Caslon Pro, Grow (

Sarah van Vliet

DZA – Druckerei zu Altenburg

ISBN 978-94-91783-00-5

23.4 × 15.8 × 1.8cm

Destroy the image and you will break the enemy
Alex Farrar and Harry Meadley, 2013
Framed photographic prints
23.8 × 54.3 × 4cm [×3]